My name is Emilia, but everyone calls me Mia this how I
came up with the name MiArt.


I took an interest in arts at a very early age, beginning to draw as soon
as I could hold a crayon. I used to play six years of piano, but then puberty kicked in and the computer started to be more and more interesting.

I started with creating funny PowerPoint presentations or building on my own Beepworld pages. Don't judge me it was the early 00er.


By the time I entered high school I took art, music and drama classes as my main subjects. From there, my artistic career evolved and I chose to have my school-based education done at a vocational school for graphic design & photography.


After I was done with my graphic-designs assistant education I started to have a huge wanderlust. I had to explore other countries and cultures. 

So I spent two years in New York, USA working as an “Au Pair” and taking photography, web design and management classes at Dutchess Community College. At this time I developed my interest in Photography and Urban exploration.


When I came back I worked as a cashier and got my full high school diploma, afterwards I studied English and German for adult education.


Meanwhile I got an opportunity to do my business-education as a media designer and took it.


Now I'm a trained Media Designer for Concept and Visualization and


work as a Graphic Designer for E-Commerce.